2017/2018 Band Handbook

Conflicts with Band Events


The Director must be given a minimum of TWO WEEKS notice of any scheduled conflicts with an after school band event (rehearsal, performance, or other scheduled activity) for the absence to possibly be excused. This written note from the parent must be given in person to the Director or by email, Remind, or Text. The note should include the parents email address, cell phone numbers, and detail the reasons for the anticipated absence.


Doctors appointments should not be scheduled in conflict with band events. If there is no other choice, be sure to notify the Director as stated above as soon as possible. If a student needs to get braces or have wisdom teeth extracted, please make every attempt to schedule these procedures after performances if it is possible as they will make it difficult to play woodwind and brass instruments for a while afterwards.


In the case of an extreme (hospitalized, etc.) emergency, the director should be contacted prior to the beginning of the event so appropriate plans may be made to cover the missing student.

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