2017/2018 Band Handbook

General Expectations

  1. Follow the BRHS Student Handbook at all band functions and activities.
  2. Attend all rehearsals, practices, sectionals, performances, and other band activities and events. Students are expected to attend both physically and mentally and exhibit a cooperative attitude. We cannot accomplish our goals without a full team effort.
  3. Be early for all events (including class!). Consider yourself late when you arrive on time. Listening will begin 1 minute prior to the tardy bell. Make the commitment to be here and be ready to work.
  4. Have your instrument, music, pencil, and fully-charged Chromebook at each rehearsal.
  5. Appropriate rehearsal etiquette will be taught and expected during class. Cell phones will be taken to the office every time.
  6. You should practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day outside of band rehearsals. Regular practice by all will lead to a strong band. This is, of course, a guideline. The quality of your practice time is much more important than the quantity. Band members should practice to whatever extent is necessary to meet performance expectations. Do not attempt to cram your practicing in at the last minute. It is ineffective and disrespectful to the group.
  7. When an instrument is taken to the shop for repair, wind players should keep their mouthpiece and all accessories and bring them to school. Attempt to arrange to borrow a school instrument prior to sending yours in. Please try to arrange for repairs during vacations if at all possible.
  8. Demonstrate proper care for your instrument and the school's music.
  9. You are encouraged to be very protective of your instrument. It is a significant investment that can last a lifetime when properly cared for. School instruments are assigned to one student at a time. Other students may not use it. DO NOT LET OTHERS PLAY OR EVEN HOLD IT!!!
  10. Follow the leadership of the student leaders. Give them your respect and cooperation. They have the success of the band at heart.
  11. Inform the Director of any problems, concerns, or suggestions as soon as they arise. The Director is here to help make your band experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.
  12. Admit your mistakes. It is the only way mistakes can be corrected and we can improve.
  13. Be respectful and courteous to: all other musicians, faculty, administration, and guests; equipment belonging to you, the school, and other band members; of the authority of the Director, staff, chaperones, and student leaders; and of other bands that we may have the opportunity to interact with throughout the year.
  14. You are representing the BRHS Band, our school, and community at all times. Act appropriately.
  15. Keep our learning environment clean and orderly. No food or drink is allowed in the Band Room. Water - the exception - is encouraged. Absolutely no GUM. Always leave the room and your area cleaner than when you entered.
  16. We have the obligation to provide the best possible performances for our school and community. This means you agree to give up some of your free time on holidays and vacations for the enjoyment and entertainment of others.
  17. CHECK EMAIL, SCHOOLOGY, AND THIS WEBSITE OFTEN. Sign up for Remind text blasts. You are also encouraged to stay connected on Twitter , Facebook, and/or Instagram. Keep your parents informed of every scheduled band event and all events that are added during the year. This is very important in order to avoid any conflicts with band events. Doctor or dentist appointments, family trips, work schedules, or other events should be planned around band events when possible.
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