2017/2018 Band Handbook



CLASS PARTICIPATION: The following grade scale FOR THE SEMESTER applies to any and all absences from class (including pre-excused field trips). When you are absent you FAIL to participate:

0-3 absences   A   8-9 absences   B 14-15 absences   C
4-5 absences   A- 10-11 absences   B- 16-17 absences   C-
6-7 absences   B+ 12-13 absences   C+ 18-19 absences   D
20 absences or more results in a failing (F) grade

PERFORMANCE / CLINIC / EXTRA REHEARSAL PARTICIPATION: All Performances and Events away from campus which are scheduled at least six weeks in advance are required as they represent Major Exams in band class:


Request for absence from a concert / off-campus event may be considered if turned in at least two weeks in advance of the event. An alternate assignment may be made if the request is approved. If you are seriously ill during the day of a concert, you MUST CALL OR EMAIL IN ADVANCE. Illnesses not phoned/emailed in advance will NOT be considered an excused absence. You may be asked to confirm the absence by presenting a parent’s and/or doctor’s note upon return to school.


Tardies to events outside of class time due to other school activities (i.e. sporting events) are excused (no grade penalty incurred) if the teacher is notified IN ADVANCE.


WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS / PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS / QUIZES: This includes in-class work as well as homework:


PRACTICE JOURNALS: As a member of a performance ensemble, it is expected that you will practice daily outside of class rehearsal. It is your personal responsibility to yourself, the other ensemble members, the composer, and your audience to do all you can to achieve and maintain a high level of musical excellence and professionalism.

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