2017/2018 Band Handbook



Vision: Improving the lives of audience member and performer alike through musical excellence, professionalism, and pride.


Mission: The Bear River Music Ensembles provide quality musical experiences to our audiences and, as a family founded in mutual trust and good will, provide for ourselves the means for personal and collective growth in musicianship, discipline, and integrity. We take pride in each member and each success, regardless of competitive result.


Motto: Improving lives, one performance at a time.


There are many benefits to learning to play an instrument. These benefits are multiplied through continued study and advancement in technique, musical artistry, and ensemble performance. Students in Band are taught and encouraged to develop: technical facility on their instrument; characteristic tone; stylistically appropriate phrasing and dynamic movement; expansion of range; strong listening skills; music theory; work ethic and discipline; perseverance; critical thinking; personal responsibility and punctuality; self-confidence; leadership; goal setting and attainment; historical and cultural perspective; and respect for self, other musicians, and the audience.


The importance of the individual to the success of the ensemble is such that attendance and participation are essential to the learning process. The end result of that process is the performance of music for an audience. That performance is an experience that cannot be duplicated in any other way. Performances are vital to the success of this music program and are not optional.

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