2017/2018 Choir Handbook

Discipline Plan


We expect all members of the Bear River Choirs to follow the procedures and rules of the choir without question. Remember that our rules are basically common sense, and that each rule is set up to allow the choir and its students to have safe, enjoyable and successful educational experiences.


Cell phones have become a major discipline problem in class over the past few years. There will (rarely) be occassions were we will use smart phones to complete tasks in class. Aside from those very directed times, cell phones are prohibited. They will be taken to the office each time, following the school's uniform procedure. If a student is unwilling to give up a phone, they will receive an office referral and the parent will be called.


In the event that a student does break a choir rule, the following consequences will occur:


If there is a need to remove a student from the classroom during rehearsal, the student will lose all participation points for the day (see "Grading").


Note: Repeated office referrals will result in removal from the choir program. Severe breaches of policies and procedures (those actions that disrupt a performance or class or that jeopardize the safety of other students) will be referred to the office immediately and will not receive the benefit of a warning. Remember that all NJUHSD rules are in effect at all times when students travel with and/or perform with the choir.

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