2017/2018 Choir Handbook

Student Leadership


Being a leader is an action, not a title. We all lead those around us by everything we do (and don't do). It is expected that each member of the Choir act in such a way that would lead to the musical excellence of the ensemble and the growth and well-being of it's members. Again - you lead by doing.


That being said, we will have some students with recognized specific leadership roles. Every Junior or Senior member of the Choir who has participated for at least one year prior (as well as all Section Leaders, regardless of year in school) is a member of our Student Leadership Team (SLT). This is a group that will meet semi-regularly to develop and promote the Choir's mission and vision.


Section Leaders will be appointed in each choir class by the director. Section Leaders will be someone who is a strong reader, can find notes on the piano, and leads by example during rehearsals.

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