Starlite Express

Show Choir & Band

Choir Auditions 2020/21

 Record yourself SINGING a verse and chorus of any song that you think best displays your voice. It should demonstrate the strengths of your range (but not areas of weakness). More points will be given for an entertaining performance with active and believable facial/body expressions and stage presence.
 Learn and perform the DANCE choreography that can be found at this link or the embedded video below.

 Submit both tracks via the website or phone app Flipgrid. If you have an account already, the code is: ahrens3293. You may also go directly to this website. You must login with either a BRHS, Google, or Microsoft email account. When recording your video on Flipgrid, use this track to dance to.
 Co-requisite: enrollment in: BR Voices, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, or Symphonic Band