2017/18 Volunteer Opportunities:



Sewing Committee - Periodic hemming and light sewing of concert apparel.


Toyota Amphitheater Concessions (Concert Dates from May - October) - We need about 15 workers per concert. Great opportunity for individual fundraising and fun!


Coordinators - We need individuals to organize each of these areas!

  • Publicity (All Year) - Contact local media to publicize our events.
  • Funnel Cake Coordinator (Seasonal) - Organize preparation and sales of funnel cakes at games.
  • Snack Bar Coordinator (Seasonal) - Organize and coordinate staffing of snack bar at games.
  • Swing Dance Coordinator (Seasonal) - Coordinate decorations, dance instructors, food, & set up for our December dance.
  • Costuming Coordinator (All Year, as needed) - Size students into concert/marching attire. Assist with clothing orders and inventory maintenance.
  • Volunteer Coordinator (All Year) - Contact parents to encourage participation so that all volunteer positions are filled.
  • Slide Show Creator (All Year) - Gather photos from students & parents througout the year from all events to create a slide show for our awards ceremony June 2nd.


Starlite Ultra-Marathon Retreat (August 4-6) - We need chaperones/drivers for this great retreat camp. If you have a student in Starlite choir or band, please consider helping! Spending a couple days on a mountain top is not a horrible thing (even with teenagers).


Pep Band Supervision (Football Games) (Dates from August - November) - We need 2 parents to do some light work and watch over the instruments/band area during the 3rd quarter break.


Funnel Cake Booth (Football Games) (Dates from August - November) - We need about 7 workers per game. Fun and tasty!



Roamin Angels Dinner Service Project (September 8) Parents & Students - We need 18 Band and Choir students to serve dinner and bus tables at the Roamin Angels car show in the Fairgrounds. We need about 5 parents with chaperone and driver forms on record to car pool.


Constitution Day Parade (September 10) Nevada City. This is a local parade that Symphonic Band marches in. This is a very light parade, but we need a few parents to pull a water wagon and generally be there for kids if needed.





Concert Concessions Manager 2016/2017.


Swing into the Night (December 1-2) our very own Big Band Swing Dance held in the MPR at Bear River.


Winter Choral Concert (December 7-8) We need help at each of these big choir shows.



Winter Winds (January 25) Help with our Winter band concert.



Love the Arts (February 9) Volunteer with our Valentine themed Arts Department Showcase.



Fantasy of Stars (March 2-3) Huge Show. Starlite, Jazz Unlimited, and guests: Magnolia Starmakers, Rio Linda NYN, and Enterprise Starship & TBA. Sign up now to host Enterprise students and more!


Santa Cruz Jazz Festival. March 17-18. Over night. Carpools for Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. You must have a chaperone contract on file and be cleared through the ASB office to drive students (both are easy).